Massage Therapy


Massage saleBuy and enjoy 3 one hour massages any time in the month of September and you will receive a certificate for a free one hour massage to be used in the future. The 3 massages can be used by family members and as long as they are all in September you will receive the free one. Book your massages soon! Victoria is becoming know as one of the top massage therapists around and her schedule will fill quickly.

(Can not use massages that have already been purchased. This is for new purchases only. You may save pre-purchased massages for later dates. Free certificates can not be refunded for cash value.)

At Bodywise Chiropractic Center, massage is more than a luxury. It promotes health by relieving stress, reducing muscle tension, increasing circulation and enhancing your overall energy and vitality.

By providing you with a wide range of therapeutic massage procedures, we aim to improve the quality of both your life and your health.

We cater to all our client's individual, medical needs and provide wellness care, deep tissue massage, sports massage, and recovery from injury.  We also accept most personal injury protection insurance, and are therefore able to help you get the care you need at little or no cost to you if prescribed by the chiropractors.  We have seen that massage in conjunction with chiropractic care offers tremendous healing and vitality.  

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